CMEMS ARC-MFC Ocean Forecast and Analysis products

The CMEMS ARC-MFC delivers ocean forecast and analysis data produced by a coupled numerical ocean-ice model with data assimilation. The products are delivered in NetCDF format via OPeNDAP and ftp from the ARC MFC data dissemination service at

From MyOcean V2, the nominal product line is based on the TOPAZ4 data assimilation system, developed by NERSC and run operationally at It produces daily mean physical (temperature, salinity, currents, water level and sea ice fields) and biogeochemical (nutrients, algae, primary production) fields of the Arctic Ocean, with a weekly assimilation cycle and daily updated 10-day forecasts.

ARC MFC metadata and data can be accessed via the CMEMS Online Catalogue: User authentication required (Look for the Registration form)

ARC MFC metadata and data can be browsed and downloaded from this OPeNDAP server: (No user authentication required)

Images of selected products, daily updated

Today's and tomorrow's forecast SST and Ice Conc fields from TOPAZ4 Arctic V2

Yesterday's observed Ice Conc from OSI-TAC

Daily forecast 'ice coverage' fields from TOPAZ4 Arctic V2